NZS 4246:2016


Energy efficiency – Installing bulk thermal insulation in residential buildings
standard by Standards New Zealand, 08/30/2016



Provides guidance for the correct installation of insulation products by installers and consumers to achieve the intended thermal performance in buildings without compromising the durability and safety of insulation or building elements and the health and safety of installers and building occupants.¿¿The guidance is based on residential-type construction, but the methods may be appropriate to other construction types. The standard covers installing insulation in new buildings during construction as well as retrofitting of insulation in existing buildings. This edition of the standard has been extended to provide guidance on installing insulation in steel-framed constructions, for concrete slabs on ground and to update content for installing insulation around luminaires, where there have been significant technology advances since the standard was last revised in 2006. Additional diagrams, photos and figures have been included for illustrative purposes and Appendix B has been rewritten to align with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

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